Thursday, November 5, 2009

Even Coaches Have their moments!

As a Coach, I coach from a Holism approach. If one aspect of your life is not working, we will look at all the other aspects within the Whole Circle :

For example: Self, are you taking care & nurturing yourself? Your physical, mental & social well being? Your Finances is the integrity in? Paying your bills on time? Managing them accordingly if it's not possible at the moment? What of your home life? Is there harmony within the Family/ Social aspects of life? Your career ? Is it where you want it to be? Social/ Community? Spiritual? Mental/Intellectual?

Coaching allows you to create a balance in your life around this Holistic approach to living. When the scales get tipped, we revisit each aspect.

I myself , for those who have been following me , found myself struggling with my own well being yesterday. I committed to 10,ooo steps / day & I hit 18098 steps by the end of the day. Created success around that game. However, the game of journaling has been a struggle. I've been resisting with the excuse of no time. When I looked honestly at who I was being...I found myself not wanting to fess up that I had 5 chips with lunch yesterday. I spent a good portion of the day beating myself up! Ugh! Wasn't worth it. Bottom line was I enjoyed those 5 chips & wished it could've been the bag! When I turned the conversation around, I looked at my success for NOT having eaten the whole bag, I was able to move on , look at my time management skills & set aside a time each day to successfully complete my journaling for the day... whether I like to or not! I got to be my commitment!

What I learned for myself was exercising control with my food intake! Just like financial savings! They all align!
What I wanted to eat, I ate without remorse or regret after turning the mind thought around. I also spend without regret.. . asking is this a want or need? I now have the luxury of saving . Whether it be food stores of savings for another 5 chips or money. Finding it easier & easier to be more optimistic about life when I look from a Holistic approach to living now.

We become successful in every aspect of life not by chance or luck but rather by CHOICE!

Choice to be willing to want to for yourself & others. You deserve it!
What are you choosing to take on today?
Your comments & thoughts are always welcome!

Thank you for following the Journey!
Karen Rudolf


  1. Great stuff Karen. Turning around what we are focusing on ie acknowledging we had self control instead of beating ourselves up is so important. Good reminder!

  2. Even coaches have their days -I so get that!! I have been saying that today is one of those challenging days - but you know what I will switch that around! What learning can I acquire from the experiences of today??

    I like that better - Thanks Karen

    Pablo Solis

  3. Just wanted to say great blog, its great that you already have followers and comments!

    I am so glad you actually took what I taught you and applied it =]

    God Bless,

    Grace Hatton - Think Tank Media

  4. Namaste, Thank you for the feed back and being part of my world!