Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laws of Success

The Road to Success will look very different to everyone. Depending on where One’s Belief Systems stem. These beliefs can stem from how much money in the bank we have .. all the way to something as simple as causing a smile when something we set out to do is achieved. Many define it as a means to getting somewhere. An achievement.

Consider we possibly change the context for a moment and look within... what does Success represent to us , where did that thought (s) come from.... is it a projected thought/ belief that our Parents, Society, Religious up bringing etc have bestowed upon us or responsibly speaking we’ve allowed ourselves to take on. Consider if we are all whole & complete individuals, than we have the power of choice to choose our destiny and our conversations around our own Success. Feel the freedom in ownership!

I invite you to go within and get very present to your emotions, body sensations and take inventory of what IS important to you. Create a new context of Success and what would make you Happy. Is it a new bright shiny car? A job promotion? The guy / girl of your dreams??? Than what??

Will you be climbing the ladder of wanting more, than more , than.... will it create true happiness or more of the same outcomes?? Just a thought of awareness.....

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