Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yahoo! Look out!

Committed to 10,ooo steps today. Actual 13227! Eating better by choice as well. Eating smaller portions. Struggling to add the 4th meal. Not hungry. Being Persistant! This time it is done!!! Yeah Team!

I'm Dancing on the Ceiling!

I am Enlivened by the Possibility of creating an ongoing Empowered state of Being.. looking at my thoughts, the actions and results I wish to achieve which will keep me focused on my Intentions.

I AM! I Can & I Will!

Creating Power, Presence & Perseverance!
Giving up past conversations of being small, separate, alone & afraid.

Check out what Coaching could create for you, check me out, Karen at Let's begin today to create a happy joyous life!
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What are you looking to shift in your life?
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Karen Rudolf