Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Setting Intention

I usually love to create my vision board and set the years intention before the onset of the New Year. This year after being laid out with the flu, I really saw how attached I had been to completing 2010’s before the end of the year. How it was not possible within a reasonable amount of time.

This Year has started and I’m clear I’m still living into my future of what I WANT. I ‘ve asked family and friends over to enjoy a warm meal, gathering to create into a Powerful future once more. The joy and pleasure is abounding. There is something to be said about a visual depiction of what ones future looks like!

Now it’s your turn to take action....What will your Future Visually appear like? Play with it , Life is & should be F U N!!!

For more information and or participation in ongoing parties, contact me & I’ll be happy to share... the more I talk into it ,the more concrete my life becomes and my intention of making one more difference for all is achieved!

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Namaste & gratitude,