Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who is Human after all?

Who is Human after all? I am! I committed to taking 10,000 steps each day & increasing my exercise , decreasing my waistline by the New Year! I've been playing with it & having fun with myself. Taking my own coaching advise , by giving up the significance & playing with my commitments!

Yesterday was a challenge to get the extra steps in as I was busying myself with a recent move & going thru the toils of putting my home & life back in order.... Got up , walked the dog, maybe if I walked the dog again... I'd have a "happy dog", hummm..... than the phone ran, than, than.. than... I got my mind off it... watched & wrote down everything that crossed my lips... than went to a friends house & there were cookies on the counter. Me the cookie Monster extraordinar! There, staring me in the face... I hadn't hesitated for one iota of a moment...I took the cookie in hand as if I was the boss ( and of course I am..) put it to my lips took the smallest taste , than put it down. I was satisfied! I own the Power over cookies, food... I made a commitment & my integrity means more to me ! It was such a rush to get that power! Who knows..

When I got home , I revisited the back of my bottom drawer & looked at that beaded, exotic bikini hiding there for too long & created the possibility of revisiting that baby once more!! Besides it's too cool to have it hidden in the back of a dark dreary draw..... So, who is human after all? I am and so are YOU!!

How many times have we allowed ourselves to get distracted, have conversations of unworthiness??? Not deserving.. being in the moment ( oh, just this once ) ?? Would love to hear your comments.

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As always, Namaste & thank you for the follow!

Karen Rudolf

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