Saturday, October 31, 2009

Off to a fresh start!

Coaching from the standpoint of Commitment, I find myself looking at who I am & who I am being...

I've committed to dropping 2 pants sizes by the 1st of the year... New Years Resolutions upon us, I've committed to taking it on earlier than last year. Last year , I admit wasn't a success, I was human... easy to coach others, this year I'm looking at being my word with my own accountability & Integrity. Check out for more information this week on Integrity.

I'm taking it on Powerfully this time. Holding myself accountable, as well as taking on an accountability partner. Here it is 8:19 pm on Halloween eve & I've yet to have one Sweet! Yeah me!

I've committed to 10,000 steps / day & thus far I'm at 10202, yeah me! I'm happy to announce that I am proud of me!
Wondering what a bikini might feel like... hummmm, never know.

Namaste, Thank you for following me in my journeys.

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